Why Does MetaMask Not Show Your Balance?

It can be scary to open your MetaMask wallet and realize your balance has disappeared. Although sometimes this may indicate that your account has been compromised, it’s generally not the case. So why does MetaMask not show your balance sometimes?

MetaMask doesn’t show your balance if there’s a connectivity or simple tech issue. Refreshing the extension page or closing the mobile app often solves the problem. However, if your balance is in orange, it indicates that it’s outdated, and you need to update some settings.

The rest of this article will discuss why MetaMask doesn’t show your balance in greater detail. It will also discuss different ways to try to fix the issue, so be sure to read on if you’re having trouble viewing your balance.

Reasons MetaMask Isn’t Showing Your Balance

As briefly mentioned already, a simple tech issue is often the cause of MetaMask balance issues. However, other things could be causing it, so I want to discuss them in this section. 

But first, before you come to any conclusions, you should refresh your browser or close the app.

If that doesn’t work, you can examine the potential causes below.

General IT Issue

General IT issues are mostly glitches and minor errors that you can fix by leaving the page you’re on and returning to it a few minutes later. So, before you begin to panic, remember that it’s likely just a glitch that will resolve in a few minutes.

If this is the case, the first step is to refresh the page or exit the mobile app. In most cases, this should be enough. However, it doesn’t always work. If you try this method and are still experiencing the same issues, try removing the MetaMask extension from your browser and adding it back again.

For the mobile app, you need to uninstall and then reinstall it. If you try this method, make sure you have your seed phrase saved somewhere safe where you can easily access it. Not having your seed phrase means you will get locked out of your account and lose access to your crypto.

Another helpful tip is to clear cache and cookies. You can do this by navigating to your browser settings, usually found in the history section. If you opt to do this, ensure you have your seed phrase because the process might log you out of your MetaMask account.

The Balance Is Outdated

Another issue that happens from time to time is the balance being displayed in orange. Usually, MetaMask balances are shown in black, so you should check to see the color. Luckily, the orange color is generally caused by a simple permissions issue. 

All you need to do to solve this issue is navigate to the extension settings and change the permissions. When you go to the settings, look for where it says, “This Can Read and Change Site Data.” You’ll need to choose this option.

To see MetaMask’s complete quick and easy solution to this issue, you can follow the easy steps on their support page.

Not Enough Time Has Elapsed

If someone just sent you a payment, you might need to wait a few minutes for it to show up. The exact time it takes to receive a payment will depend on network congestion, and Ethereum often has a lot of transactions happening at once. 

In most cases, transactions should show up within a few seconds. However, it can often take minutes or hours if it’s a busy period. So if you just made a transaction or someone sent you a payment a minute ago, your best course of action is to wait a while.

If the amount still is not showing up after a few hours, you’re most likely experiencing a different issue.

Your Browser Isn’t Working

Another issue people face from time to time is a browser problem. As you may know, you can get the MetaMask wallet extension on many popular browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox. But sometimes, a browser might be incompatible with your wallet.

In this case, you could use a different browser and add the MetaMask extension to it. From there, you’ll need to log in to your MetaMask using your seed phrase. Once you’re in, you can check to see if the balance has been updated.

It’s important to note that some browsers don’t have the MetaMask extension option, such as Internet Explorer and Safari. So if you try to switch to one of those browsers, you’ll be out of luck. 

MetaMask currently offers extensions for the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Brave
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Your Account Is Compromised

The worst-case scenario is that your account is compromised. That said, you need not get into a panic too quickly because this is highly unlikely (and basically impossible); unless you gave someone access to your seed phrase — or if someone accessed your computer or phone.

If someone has gotten access to your account and stolen your funds, there’s not much you can do. It is the responsibility of the crypto owner to keep their seed phrase and account safe, therefore MetaMask won’t take responsibility for the loss.

However, you could file a report if you wanted to. It likely won’t fix the situation, but at least you’ll be making it known to the authorities that your crypto got stolen. 

If you’re unsure about whether your account is compromised or not, check your account’s balance on etherscan.io. Here, you can also check your account’s history, including every transaction that has ever occurred. If your balance on etherscan.io is correct (and different from the balance shown on MetaMask), the problem probably lies with MetaMask.

Nonetheless, if your balance is 0 on both etherscan.io and MetaMask, most likely someone stole your crypto. 

Additional Solution: Reset Your MetaMask Account

MetaMask offers its users an account reset option, so if all else fails, you can try that. Sometimes, a simple reset will fix the issue and allow you to see the actual balance on your account. 

Resetting your account is super quick and easy. All you need to do is go to your browser or mobile app settings and choose advanced settings. After that, you’ll see an option for an account reset.

It’s important to note that resetting your MetaMask account is irreversible and should only be carried out if you have no other solution. Be sure to try all the potential solutions detailed in this article before taking the plunge and permanently resetting your account.

Can I Lose My Crypto if I Reset My MetaMask Account?

You can’t lose your crypto if you reset your MetaMask account. An account reset will delete your history and seed phrase, but it won’t remove your funds. You can think of a MetaMask account reset as a factory reset on a phone because it’s like you’re starting fresh. 


There are several reasons why MetaMask might not be showing your account balance. The most common causes include the following:

  • General tech issues that you can solve by closing your browser or app
  • An outdated balance that you can fix in the extension settings
  • Not enough time has elapsed
  • You need to try a different browser
  • Your account is compromised (only possible if someone gained access to your seed phrase or computer/phone)

It’s best to try the easy solutions first, such as closing your browser or clearing your cache. If they don’t work, you can then try other methods.


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