Why Do So Many NFT Projects Use Discord?

Discord gained prominence back in 2015, during its launch when the initial focus was on video game communities. NFT project owners leverage its server operations and functionalities for their promotion initiatives. Discord also offers instant messaging functionality that lets you communicate easily via voice and video calls.

So many NFT projects use Discord because it offers private servers and media file exchange capabilities that create invaluable scope and interactions. Discord provides incredible segmentation levels ideal for marketing NFT campaigns, since NFT promotion requires a specialized approach.

Typically, NFT buyers go to specialized places to search for their preferred currencies. Discord concentrates these segments intuitively, ensuring that you create a well-structured marketing approach that appeals to all your potential clients. Read on to learn more about discord’s value with NFT projects.

Understanding Discord in Detail

Although discord was initially aimed at gaming communities, the app evolved into a robust chat option for communities and friends thanks to its multiple features. This cross-platform app is available for desktops (macOS, Windows) and mobile (Android, iOS). Users could also leverage its website portal. 

Discord is a platform that offers instant communication with other users. Unlike other social media apps, discord users can create different communication channels for specific discussion topics. Users can either create private or public channels depending on their discussions.

Many people prefer private, invite-only spaces that help like-minded friends to stay in touch. Such channels offer people control over their experience of discord and the people they choose to interact with. Essentially, you get to have conversations based on shared interests.

Users also have additional possibilities for sharing information thanks to the video conferences functionality. Video conferences let you share voice notes, written messages, and video chats. 

Discord’s Diverse NFT Communities

Most discord communities don’t rely on the rules and norms of the same social network. These communities are usually self-regulating, making them valuable for startup NFT projects. This autonomous nature creates an ideal foundation to support community growth.

NFT projects also rely on discord’s ability to integrate diverse selection mechanisms. Users have an easier time detecting and filtering fake accounts to limit the likelihood of losing their funds. Aside from this, users can analyze a server’s health and statistics before investing in NFT. All these benefits make Discord a valuable place for NFT projects.

These servers offer sufficient information for NFT novices. On the other hand, NFT enthusiasts can get the latest news and market updates from these servers. Servers provide reliable lessons on developing and trading various NFTs, keeping users up to date on NFT market movements.

Furthermore, you can create separate channels within an NFT-Discord server. Such specific channels could have discussions on NFT assets or games. This feature allows NFT enthusiasts to connect with peers who share similar interests, branching off into sub-groups should they wish to.

Why Is Discord Great for NFT Marketing?

Discord’s cross-platform support and unique features make it a preferred platform for most NFT and Crypto enthusiasts. Discord is an excellent platform for anyone trying to reach prospective clients. With this platform, you’ll have an easier time getting a broader target audience. Besides, you’ll quickly host and manage multiple engagements to boost your profit margins.

Discord is great for NFT marketing because numerous NFT enthusiasts spend their time on discord. This provides the perfect base for you to market and sell your NFTs and cryptos. You could also leverage the server bots to answer basic questions from your clients, saving you lots of time.

If you want to reach wider NFT communities on Discord, ensure that you join multiple relevant servers. However, if you have a booming business, you should have no trouble creating your servers and inviting members to join. Create customized marketing approaches to promote specific products across multiple servers.

You can use your friends and acquaintances from different NFT and Crypto groups to find new clients. Are you still experiencing difficulty marketing your products? Approach a marketing agency specializing in Discord marketing to spread the word about your Cryptos and NFTs. 

Most NFT clients desire prompt and professional customer support as they get into trading NFTs. Discord allows you to offer regular support as clients can quickly reach out to you via Discord chats. Additionally, you could make the most of Discord chatbots to answer and escalate client queries.

Remember to share relevant content like blogs and social media posts to create awareness and attract potential clients. A well-thought-out meme or a GIF could also suffice in marketing your products. 

How To Run Your Discord Account

Growing your discord account determines how well your project will grow. Here are some tips for creating a solid community.

  • Create clear rules and protocols to guide user engagements. Be sure to moderate engagements to ensure that everyone adheres to these norms.
  • Create a content strategy that emphasizes entertaining your followers and keeping them up to date.
  • Reward positive interactions within your server.
  • Create a feeling of belonging by interacting with users and asking for opinions regularly.

Ultimately, the type of NFT project or crypto will influence the growth strategy of your Discord channel.

How Is Discord Different From Other Platforms?

Discord is different from other platforms because it offers diverse chat options that make it stand out from other online social programs. Its easy-to-use interface and versatility make it attractive to various users, and you can meet like-minded people on public or private servers.

You can set up your chat rooms or server, then invite your friends through links. You could break your servers into channels for engagements on specific topics. Choose between the text and voice channel options that suit your needs.

Discord lets you configure your server whichever way you please. Create roles for server members and empower other moderators differently. Server admins could also leverage bots that help them perform various administrative tasks. Greet members, throw riddles to initiate discussions or add intuitive games with these specialized bots.

The various setups ease server management while offering multiple access permissions for your members. Users can interact with their peers on its downloadable PC program or the web-based and mobile versions. 

Discord stands out as a social interaction hub where users can participate in as many servers as possible. Also, you can switch between different servers with ease. To join a server, click on your preferred server on your screen. Alternatively, you could select the “plus” icon to create your server. Discord will automatically generate a link that you’ll use to invite participants. 

Discord also offers anonymity, letting you join servers without revealing all your information. As well as this, you can also engage in open discussions without the fear of bullying or being subject to racist slurs. Admins can quickly expel members who fail to adhere to the server’s accepted norms.

Seek Support for Your Discord NFT Projects

Although you can access and use NFT independently, a marketing agency could help you create a sustainable marketing strategy. Outsourcing Discord marketing services lets you focus on growing your business while someone else handles the marketing. Venture into marketing with discord easily, thanks to the professional insights and assistance you’ll receive from a marketing agency.


NFT projects use Discord for many reasons, and it has proven to be a valuable site for like-minded individuals who want to stay on top of the crypto and NFT markets. Having a place where people can share interests and information is essential for marketing strategies and crypto communities.


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