NFT Not Showing Up in Coinbase Wallet? How To Fix It

NFTs have gained a lot of popularity over the last few months, and sometimes, people may experience issues after purchasing one. Although you should see your NFT in your Coinbase wallet straight away, this may not always be the case, so it’s good to know how to fix this.

NFTs won’t show up in Coinbase wallets if there is a delay, so you might need to wait 24 hours until you can see them. Plus, Coinbase only supports Ethereum and Polygon NFTs as of now, so if your NFT is from a different blockchain network, you’ll need to transfer it to a separate wallet.

The rest of this article will discuss how to fix this issue in great detail. It will also discuss the main reasons why your NFT might not be showing up in your Coinbase wallet, so be sure to keep reading to learn more!

How to Fix NFT Not Showing Up in Coinbase Wallet

If your NFT isn’t showing up, it can be a bit concerning. You might be worried about delays or even losing your NFT entirely. Follow the steps below to understand how to fix the problem.

1. Wait 24 Hours

If you only bought your NFT in the last few minutes or hours, you may need to wait a while before it shows up in your Coinbase wallet. The Ethereum network, in particular, can experience congestion due to the popularity of NFTs on that blockchain, so it’s normal for it to take some time now and then.

Some users have reported having to wait days for their NFT to show up in their wallets, but this is rare. Generally, it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. So, if it has been 24 hours and there is no sign of an NFT in your wallet, it may be worth checking the other steps in this article or contacting Coinbase’s support team if you’re still experiencing issues.

However, bear in mind that, in rare cases, you may need to wait a few days until it shows up in your wallet. 

2. Ensure You’re Using the Correct Wallet

Ensuring you’re using the correct wallet is crucial if you have multiple crypto wallets. It’s easy to mix up wallet addresses, and you might have recently updated the wallet on your NFT marketplace account, forgetting that you wouldn’t be able to see your NFT in your wallet anymore. 

If you connected a new wallet to your NFT marketplace account, you’ll need to connect your old wallet back to see the NFT. Alternatively, you could transfer your Coinbase wallet to your other wallet, as long as the new one supports your NFT.

If you sent it manually to a wallet address, check all your wallets because you may have sent it to the wrong one. If you accidentally sent it to a wallet that is incompatible with your NFT, you won’t be able to see it anywhere. In this case, you may need to contact the customer support of the wallet company in question or import your wallet with a different one to access the NFT (which I will discuss later on).

3. Ensure Coinbase Supports Your NFT

The next step is to ensure Coinbase supports the NFT you’ve bought. You shouldn’t have any issues if your NFT is on the Ethereum network. However, if it’s a Solana NFT, for example, it won’t show up because Coinbase doesn’t support Solana NFTs yet.

Although Coinbase doesn’t support Solana NFTs yet, this should change shortly. Coinbase has already started to support the Solana cryptocurrency, so it’s only a matter of time before it supports the NFTs. If you don’t mind waiting for that, you can simply forget about it for now.

Once Coinbase supports these NFTs, yours will automatically appear in your wallet account. Of course, waiting isn’t the most ideal solution, especially if you’re unsure if Coinbase wallet will ever support the NFT you purchased. 

If you don’t want to wait, you can transfer your Coinbase wallet to a different wallet. I will discuss how to do this in the next section.

Coinbase wallet also doesn’t support certain types of NFTs, such as video files. If your NFT is anything other than a JPEG or GIF, you’ll have issues seeing it in your wallet. 

In any of these cases, the best thing to do is transfer your NFT to a new wallet that supports Solana NFTs (or whatever type of NFT you purchased), such as a Phantom wallet.

4. Transfer Coinbase Wallet to a Different Wallet if Needed

As I mentioned in the last tip, the Coinbase wallet doesn’t support all NFTs. If this is the case for your NFT, the best course of action is to move your Coinbase wallet into a new wallet that supports your NFT.

An indicator that your Coinbase wallet doesn’t support the NFT is if it doesn’t show up in your wallet app but shows up on your marketplace account.

Here is how to import one wallet into another:

  1. Go to your wallet account. This should be the wallet account that is compatible with your NFT and the account you want to send it to, not your Coinbase wallet account!
  2. Find the ‘Add Wallet’ section and choose to import an existing wallet. It may not be called ‘Add Wallet,’ but it should be something along those lines. The exact wording will vary depending on the wallet.
  3. Input your recovery phrase. Next, you’ll need to input your recovery phrase from your other wallet (the one you’re importing into this one).
  4. Import. Once you’ve entered the recovery phrase, your Coinbase wallet should now be integrated with your other wallet, and you should be able to see your NFT.

Your Seed Recovery Phrase Is Essentially Your Private Key

You may be wondering what the recovery phrase is. When you initially set up your wallet, you likely received a 12-word phrase. This is your recovery phrase, and without it, you risk losing access to your wallet. It is essentially the readable version of your private key, and you will need it to transfer one wallet to another.

You likely wrote your recovery phrase on a piece of paper when you first set up your Coinbase wallet. Once you keep that piece of paper, you won’t have issues accessing your wallet or importing it into another wallet.

5. Sign Out and Sign Back In

If all else fails, you might need to sign out of your Coinbase wallet account and sign back in. It’s easy to sign out of the Coinbase wallet app, but you need to make sure you have your recovery phrase. Otherwise, you may lose access to your wallet for good, and you certainly want to avoid that!

As I mentioned earlier, always make sure you keep your recovery phrase safe on a piece of paper and make sure it’s somewhere you won’t lose it. Don’t sign out unless you’re confident that you have access to your recovery phrase.


There are a few reasons why your NFT might not be showing up in your Coinbase wallet, and the solution will depend on the specific cause of the issue. If you’ve just bought it, you should give it 24 hours because there might simply be a network delay. This is common with Ethereum NFTs.

However, you may have purchased an NFT that is incompatible with the Coinbase wallet. If that’s the case, you’ll need to import your Coinbase wallet into another wallet using your recovery phrase.

Sign out of your Coinbase wallet and back in if all else fails.


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