Is It Cheaper to Buy ETH on MetaMask?

MetaMask is the most popular Ethereum wallet used for Ethereum transactions. It allows you to store Ethereum securely and connect with other decentralized applications. This way, you can access your Ethereum wallets from your web browser without opening wallet applications.  

It’s much cheaper to purchase Ethereum on MetaMask because of the low transaction fees and the MetaMask Swap feature. This feature compares various decentralized exchanges to find the cheapest buying option. 

This article will look at the fees for purchasing ETH with MetaMask and whether it’s cheaper than other popular crypto exchanges. It’ll also look at other benefits of buying ETH with MetaMask, including safety and speed. 

Is Buying Ethereum on MetaMask the Cheapest Option? 

If you’re looking for the best way to purchase ETH, you’ll probably check out major exchanges like Coinbase or However, these exchanges may be more expensive than MetaMask, when you factor in all the costs. 

The fees for purchasing ETH through MetaMask’s Swap feature are much lower than those charged by other platforms. You can find ETH at the cheapest rates from decentralized exchanges through this platform. This allows you to bypass the high fees of more commonly used exchanges. 

For example, MetaMask will charge you “gas” fees of 0.875%, while Coinbase will charge you anywhere between 1.39% to 3.99% if you buy with a credit card. So, while MetaMask is restricted to Ethereum purchases, it’s a much cheaper method of getting ETH directly to your wallet. 

Why Does MetaMask Charge Gas Fees? 

If you use MetaMask to sell or purchase crypto, the site will charge you a 0.875% gas fee. This fee may also apply when transferring ETH to unconnected wallets. 

The ‘gas’ fee charged by MetaMask is the transaction fee used to maintain the site and run customer support. It works on the same principle as transaction fees on many popular crypto exchange sites. 

However, gas fees charged by MetaMask are much lower than the transaction fees charged by popular exchanges. Additionally, remember, you won’t be purchasing the ETH on MetaMask. Instead, MetaMask will charge you fees for finding you the cheapest exchanges to purchase Crypto. 

How To Buy ETH on MetaMask? 

You can buy ETH on MetaMask through Wyre transfer, Transak, or directly depositing ETH from other wallets. MetaMask also allows you to buy ETH with a credit card, bank transfer, and Apple Pay (for US residents).

Buying ETH through Wyre on MetaMask is the most cost-effective method of purchasing crypto. It supports wire transfers, credit cards, and Apple Pay and allows for fast transactions. If you’ve already bought ETH on other exchanges, you can transfer it directly to your wallet through the direct deposit option. 

MetaMask also allows you to buy ETH with Transat. This service is available in 100 countries and allows you to purchase ETH with fiat currency. However, the fees on Transak are higher than Wyre.  

What Are the Benefits of Using MetaMask? 

As one of the most popular wallets to store and exchange crypto, most users will have the MetaMask browser extension. So what makes MetaMask different from other wallets? And should you store large sums of crypto in your MetaMask wallet? 

MetaMask has various benefits such as accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and security. Its fast customer support and ease of use have made it the most popular ETH wallet. 

Here are some advantages of using MetaMask to store and exchange ETH: 


You can use MetaMask with other Dapps (Decentralized Applications), which raises questions about the safety of this wallet. The web-based browser is also believed to be less secure than hardware wallets. However, MetaMask has many safety features that ensure the complete privacy of your data.

These safety features include a backup 12-word code, complete privacy, and the ability to disconnect from Dapps. MetaMask also has open-source code, which helps keep the platform secure, as users can detect bugs themselves. 

So, while some people worry about their crypto in an online wallet, it may be safer than other digital wallets. If you’re still not convinced, remember that MetaMask has never been hacked! 

Usability and Features

MetaMask stands out from other wallets regarding additional features that help you use crypto more easily. It’s a beginner-friendly application with navigation that makes it easier to store, transfer or purchase Ethereum. It also runs on a web extension, which you can access on different browsers. 

One feature that makes MetaMask truly unique is the ability to connect with different decentralized applications. This allows you to make purchases on different exchanges and transfer Ethereum directly into your wallet. 

Since MetaMask also supports zero exchange fees, it has more security features than a regular exchange. This wallet is ideal for users who value privacy and ease of use. 


The end cost of using MetaMask for Ethereum transactions is much lower than many other platforms. MetaMask is one of the cheapest platforms to use when purchasing ETH, thanks to its ability to integrate with different decentralized platforms. 

One reason for the low MetaMask fees is the fact that it doesn’t charge any transaction fees. Instead, MetaMask runs on exchange tokens, which are paid for using ‘gas’ purchases. The percentage of gas fees on this platform is in the lower-end range, making it ideal for regular ETH transactions.  


One reason why many people prefer to use MetaMask is because of its helpful support. Crypto is still new for many people, and some may have questions regarding transfers or buying ETH. 

MetaMask currently offers support through community forums, a knowledge base, and live agent support. Very few crypto exchange sites provide the same level of support, which is one of the reasons why MetaMask is so popular. 

Is MetaMask Safe To Store Ethereum? 

While there are risks of storing Ethereum on web-based applications, MetaMask has several safety procedures that mitigate the risk of your account being hacked. MetaMask runs on open source code and has several privacy barriers that prevent passwords or backup codes from being leaked. 

MetaMask is safe to store Ethereum, since it has never been compromised. It also acts as a backup account if your other wallets have been compromised. 

However, avoid storing significant investments of crypto on MetaMask. Even with the safety record, it’s still a web-based wallet and can be compromised. If you want to store large amounts of ETH, the safest storage option is to use a hard drive wallet. 

To keep your crypto safe, never share the private key or backup codes with anyone, even if they claim to be from the MetaMask support team. It’s also better to disconnect third-party apps with your MetaMask wallet when not in use. Another safety measure is to store crypto in two or three wallets to prevent major losses. 

Final Thoughts

MetaMask is one of the most popular web-based wallets for storing ETH. It’s also one of the cheapest places to buy ETH and has several options for making crypto purchases. Apart from minor gas fees, MetaMask doesn’t charge any transaction fees. 

While MetaMask is used to easily buy, exchange, and transfer ETH, it’s more suitable for storing smaller amounts of crypto. For larger investments, always use an offline wallet or hard drive. 


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