Can You Mine Ethereum on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are considerably cheaper than desktops and regular laptops, making them an attractive choice for people on a budget. They’re easy to use and incredibly compact, but can they take on tougher tasks? Would it be possible to mine Ethereum on a Chromebook?

You can mine Ethereum on a Chromebook, but it’s not a good idea. Chromebooks are generally used for basic tasks like typing documents, and mining uses a lot of power. Mining Ethereum on a Chromebook will likely make it overheat and cause more harm than good in the long run.

The rest of this article will discuss mining Ethereum on a Chromebook in greater detail. It’ll also discuss other more efficient ways to mine Ethereum, so keep reading if you want to learn more about a better setup for mining.


Why You Shouldn’t Mine Ethereum on a Chromebook

You shouldn’t mine Ethereum on a Chromebook because it won’t be powerful enough to make it worth it. Since mining relies on GPUs, you need to have a powerful GPU on your rig. Chromebook GPUs are generally not suitable for desktop gaming, so they certainly aren’t powerful enough to mine Ethereum.

There are many Ethereum miners nowadays, and many of them use powerful hardware to mine. If you use a Chromebook to mine Ethereum, you’ll have to compete with these miners. This means you won’t gain anything— your resources will be much weaker in comparison.

Chromebooks are not as powerful as other laptops and desktops because they’re designed for school work and light office work. If you attempted to mine Ethereum on a Chromebook, the internal GPU would get damaged very quickly, and you could even decrease the life expectancy of your Chromebook.

Can You Mine Ethereum on a Laptop?

Although it’s possible to mine Ethereum on a laptop, you shouldn’t do it. Mining Ethereum requires more than one dedicated GPU, and laptops have either one or none. Your laptop would likely get damaged if you tried to mine Ethereum on it.

There’s only one GPU in most laptops, and it’s generally integrated; this means that you can’t change or replace it because it’s attached to the motherboard. Since Ethereum mining needs powerful GPUs, you’d be out of luck with a laptop.

If a laptop’s GPU gets burned out from mining Ethereum, you’ll be forced to buy a whole new laptop rather than simply replacing the GPU. You could opt to replace the entire motherboard, but it’s not worth it in most cases because of how expensive and time-consuming it is.

Can You Mine Ethereum on a Home Computer?

You can mine Ethereum on a home computer if it has the right specs. The most important thing to have is a powerful GPU or two on your PC. If you don’t have a powerful GPU, you may need to buy a new one.

Mining Ethereum on your home computer likely won’t make you wealthy (or even close to it), but it can earn you a small sum of passive income. Since mining Ethereum is pretty simple once you get started, you can make Ethereum by doing nothing.

Even though it’s possible to mine Ethereum on a home computer, the best way to do it is to buy or set up a mining rig. This way, you can set up multiple GPUs, which can help you earn more Ethereum in the long run.

Keep Your Computer Cool

If you decide to mine Ethereum on your home computer, one of the most important things to remember is to keep it cool. Mining Ethereum is a sure way to heat your GPU and computer, which can eventually cause damage. 

Keeping it in a well-aerated and ventilated part of your home—like a garage— would be ideal for your mining computer.

Is Ethereum Easy To Mine at Home?

Ethereum is easy to mine at home once you have the right equipment. However, a good GPU is essential to make any amount of profit. Once you’re all set up, your computer will do the rest of the work for you.

Many people have mined Ethereum at home over the last few years, but it has become more challenging to make a profit due to the rising amount of miners.

Ethereum Mining Might Be Ending Soon

Before you decide to buy lots of expensive equipment to mine some Ethereum, you should know that it may not be mineable for much longer. There are plans for Ethereum to switch to a proof of stake model, which will eliminate the need for mining.

This means that GPUs would no longer be necessary. If the switch is going to happen soon, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a mining rig.

Will Mining Ethereum Damage My Chromebook?

Mining Ethereum could damage your Chromebook. Mining generates a lot of heat, and Chromebooks aren’t made with advanced cooling systems. The lifespan of your Chromebook would certainly lessen if you mined Ethereum on it.

All laptops and Chromebooks are susceptible to wear-and-tear. Using your Chromebook for mining would mean leaving it to work for hours every day, even while you’re using it. This would wear the computer down and drastically reduce its lifespan.

If you tried to mine Ethereum, you’d also likely notice a lot of heat coming from your Chromebook. The internal parts of the Chromebook would be exposed to heat damage, which could ruin the laptop completely!

There is, unfortunately, a high chance of damage if you try to mine Ethereum on your Chromebook.

Are There Any Cryptos You Can Mine on a Chromebook?

There are cryptos you can mine on a Chromebook, but it usually isn’t worthwhile. One of these is Monero. Although it’s easier to mine Monero than Bitcoin and Ethereum, your Chromebook is still likely to work at a slower hash rate and overheat.

One miner attempted to mine Monero on a Chromebook and documented his findings in this thread. He concluded that although it’s possible, easy, and fun to mine Monero on a Chromebook, it’s not worth the hassle.

Someone else in the discussion mentioned that they had been mining Monero on their Chromebook for two years, and then suddenly the laptop stopped working. 

You can undoubtedly mine Monero on a Chromebook and (possibly) make a small amount of profit, but it’s not worth it and is likely to harm your Chromebook in the long run.

Should You Mine Litecoin on a Chromebook?

You shouldn’t mine Litecoin on a Chromebook because you need an ASIC to make any profits with Litecoin. You need a lot of hash power to mine Litecoins, and a Chromebook doesn’t have enough of this. Using multiple ASICs is the best way to mine Litecoin.

Unfortunately, ASICs are very costly, so only dedicated miners buy them. They’re so expensive because they’re more powerful than standard GPUs, meaning they also have a higher hash rate. This also means you have a better chance of higher profits, especially when compared with using a Chromebook.

It’s only worth it to mine Litecoin if you’re willing to spend money on an ASIC, or at the very least a GPU.


You can mine Ethereum on a Chromebook, but you should never do it. You’ll risk damaging the internal parts of your Chromebook, and it may even stop working eventually. 

Since you can’t remove or replace most GPUs in a Chromebook, you’ll have to buy a new laptop if it gets heat-damaged—which it likely will.

Remember: It’s always better to mine Ethereum using a rig or dedicated desktop computer rather than a Chromebook or laptop.

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