Can You Make an NFT Out of a Cartoon Character?

NFTs are becoming more and more popular in our economy today, but there’s a lot of confusion surrounding them, especially when it comes to digital art. You can make NFTs out of many things, but what about cartoon characters? Can you make an NFT out of a cartoon character?

You can make an NFT out of a cartoon character you create or have the copyrights to. If someone else owns or has the copyright to the character, you won’t be able to make an NFT out of that character. However, you can buy and sell one if the owner creates one.

This article explains the difference between making an NFT of cartoon characters you create or have the rights to and characters you don’t own or have the rights to. You’ll also learn the benefits of turning your cartoon characters into NFTs. So, keep reading.

You Can Make NFTs of the Cartoon Characters You Created

You can make NFTs out of the cartoon characters you create or have the copyrights to. Making an NFT is a good way to protect the digital version of your cartoon character. Without creating it as an NFT, it’s easy for anyone on the internet to steal and use it.

And, if you copyright your cartoon character and sell an NFT, you still keep the copyrights to the character unless you explicitly sell them with the NFT.

Selling an NFT of your character is quite easy, and you don’t have to do much to make it into the NFT. An NFT marketplace will do this for you during the selling process.

Once you have a cartoon character that you want to make an NFT of, you need to choose a marketplace to sell it on. The marketplace is where the actual transaction takes place and where you’ll find your buyer. If you have a certain buyer already, you just need to ensure that you’re in the same marketplace. An example of a marketplace you can use is OpenSea.

Once someone buys your NFT, you’ll receive the payment from the sale in cryptocurrency. Make sure you link a crypto wallet to your marketplace so there’s no delay in receiving the funds. And make sure you keep your marketplace and crypto accounts open to get any future commission payments from your NFT.

Depending on the demand and how your cartoon character is, it may take some time for your NFT to sell. But this shouldn’t deter you from making it into an NFT. It’s an easy process, and it keeps your character safe from theft.

If you want to learn more about making art into NFTs, check out this video from Brad Colbow on Youtube:

You Can’t Make NFTs of Cartoon Characters You Didn’t Create

Unfortunately, you can’t make an NFT out of a cartoon character you don’t own or create. If somebody else has copyrighted a cartoon character, they have the sole right to create NFTs of that cartoon character. 

They also have the right to keep their cartoon characters out of the NFT world. These rights mean that they have the right not to create NFTs out of their cartoon characters.

So, if you’re looking to buy an NFT of a certain cartoon character, you may not be able to find one. Sure, you can always reach out to the creators and let them know you’d be interested in purchasing a certain character as an NFT; but they can reject the offer if they don’t want to make an NFT.

The copyright laws that apply to cartoon characters also apply to all NFTs. Even if someone sells their cartoon character or other copyrighted material as an NFT, they still have the copyrights of that material.

The good news with other people’s cartoon characters is that you still have fair use when it comes to NFTs. This law means you can create a parody of that character and sell it as an NFT. You have to be careful that your parody isn’t too close to the original. But otherwise, you have the right to do this.

You also have other limited uses available for using the cartoon characters, although there’s a fine line for NFTs. You need to follow many legal specifications, and the implications can be high if you don’t follow the laws. If you plan to use a copyrighted cartoon character, make sure you fully understand the laws so that you won’t have legal issues.

Benefits of Making Cartoon Character NFTs

There are benefits of making an NFT of a cartoon character. Some of the benefits include preventing someone from stealing your cartoon character and making it easier for you to make a profit off of your character.

You Can Keep Your Art Safe From Theft

First, an NFT keeps your cartoon character and art safe from theft. If you put your cartoon character online, it’s easy for people to steal your character and use it without your permission. 

But with NFTs, your artwork is safe online because nobody else can reproduce it other than the person who owns the NFT, whether that’s you or somebody else. There are safety features of NFTs that ensure your cartoon character can’t be replicated when it’s an NFT.

You Can Sell Your Cartoon Character NFTs Safely on the NFT Marketplace

Another benefit of making an NFT of your cartoon character is that you can easily sell it safely. You can easily sell your art and connect with buyers through an NFT marketplace. Also, you’ll know that your transaction is secure when you sell NFTs.

Furthermore, people are more willing to buy NFTs because they know that it’s a safe purchase, and once they own the NFT, they’re the only ones who own that piece of art or character.

You Can Get Multiple Sales From Cartoon Character NFTs

Furthermore, there are multiple ways to make money from NFTs. Not only do you make money on the original sale, but you ‘ll also make a commission every time the NFT is resold.

While there’s no guarantee that the original buyer will ever resell the NFT, you know that you’ll make some money on that sale if they do. And you’ll always make a commission on the NFT when it is sold, no matter how many times it happens or how far in the future it happens.

If you have a group of cartoon characters that all go together, you can make multiple NFTs or put them all together in one NFT. But if they’re separate, that doesn’t mean you’ll always sell your NFTs together. However, you can make multiple commissions when each separate NFT is sold.

Final Thoughts

You can make an NFT out of a cartoon character as long as you own it or have the copyrights to it. There are many benefits to making your art into an NFT, including the ease of selling it, the commission you earn every time it’s resold, and its safety for your art.

However, you won’t be able to make an NFT out of somebody else’s cartoon character unless you have the copyrights to it. The only way to make an NFT of these is if you follow fair use laws.


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